Monday, 25 June 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

We moved almost eight weeks ago and once we had unpacked, I expected to have some free time for blogging.  What I hadn't taken into consideration was that once the garden started growing; it was going to look like a jungle.  Beds that appeared to have a few small plants in them have gone rampant and we are dealing with the invasion of the hostas.

The first photo is of a bed beside our shed, which we decided to remove...more of that in a later post. 

There are some flowers worth saving, including these lupins, which grow wild here in Nova Scotia.

I haven't got to this bed yet, as it is going to be a major operation making sense of it and there is stil a very overgrown bed in the front garden which requires urgent attention.  Now where did I put my gardening gloves...?


Tracy said...

LOVELY to see your plot there, Marie! Lupines grow wild here too. We have purple ones in our garden. But it's possible to see the purple, pink and white varieties all over. Good luck getting your new garden in shape. :o) Happy Days ((LOVE & HUGS))

Isobel said...

When the weather here is not gardener friendly our garden can go wild like that. There is still plants that we are discovering after all this time living here. xx

LinenandRoses said...

Your garden looks lovely. You're lucky to inherit and overgrown garden with some pretty things in it. The garden we inherited last year was overgrown with nothing but weeds. It's taking us forever to get it under control. Would be very happy to have an invasion of hostas.

Rosie said...

How wonderful to have lupins growing in such numbers in your garden. We have to grow ours in a huge pot in the middle of gravel to stop the slugs and snails eating them! This year we've failed miserably as they have eaten the lot in spite of having to cross the gravel:)