Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Unexpected Visitors

More delights at the feeder during the last few days have included this Downy Woodpecker, who we have called Woody!   His plumage is beautiful and he has a red patch on the back of his head.

This male Purple Finch is another beautiful bird.  He frequently visits the feeder. 

We also have Goldfinches.

This is the Purple Finch with the female.

And more photographs of the male Purple Finches.

Woody seemed convinced that he could peck his way into the feeder from underneath.  He must have given himself a headache trying to peck through metal!

Next, the Bluejays arrived.

And finally, the Grosbeaks.  They remind me of giant budgies!

Thanks to my husband for patience at capturing these images with the camera.  He gave me regular updates at work on the birds' arrival.  We have never seen so many species of birds in the garden in the time that we have lived here.


Isobel said...

Amazing pictures!! I love the bird on the second one. :)

Tracy said...

WOW... this was a great treat to see, as I miss all these varieties from living in the US, as we don't have these same feathered-friends here. The bluejay is wonderful in blue...but not always the friendliest of the birds, is he?! LOVE the male Purple Finch's plumage--gorgeous. Is that snow flying around in the background?! I hope it was short-lived. No fair having snow now... ;o) Happy Day, Marie ((LOVE & HUGS))

Rosie said...

What beautiful birds you have visiting your garden:)