Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ten Days To D-Day

This is the chaos of our living/dining room.  With only ten days to go, there is still much to be done, because we are moving house.  I know it is hard to believe that anyone would want to put themselves through the stress of this again, but after spending a winter in this house, we can't wait to go.  The house is cold and very expensive to heat and the worst of it is that within minutes of the heat going off, the house is cold again!

I found a place online and it is a cosy modern house with good insulation.  We have waited ten weeks for it to become available and our moving date is 1st May.  The bookshelves are empty (aside from my birthday cards ~ an event that is a blur in the flurry of activity) and this weekend is going to be busy with packing. 

I know that I have not been a good blogger of late and I've rarely found the time to sit down and visit my loyal followers.  I hope that this situation will improve once our move is completed and the dust finally settles.  I'm looking forward to a large garden with huge potential and the opportunity to share lots of photos in future posts.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Weekend

The weekend got off to an early start as far as chocolate was concerned, as I baked a chocolate malteser cake for the birthday of one of my work colleagues.  I used Nigella's recipe, but had to modify it slightly, as I couldn't find Horlicks here, so used chocolate Ovaltine instead.  This is a deliciously moist cake which was enjoyed by all.

The tradition of hot cross buns lives on and I cheated this year and bought some.  It hardly seems worth the effort to bake them, as I am the only one who likes them.  These were equally delicious and probably some of the best that I've found here in Canada.

Best enjoyed with butter and a cup of tea.

Saturday dawned and it was cold, but the spring bulbs were starting to flower and the colours were so cheering.  Although it was necessary to wear a warm coat, I thrilled at the prospect of spring.

The hyacinths have been in bloom all week and the weight of their flowers has caused them to bend.  Their fragrance is absolutely overpowering indoors (my husband kept bringing them in on cold nights!) filling the house with their scent.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Unexpected Visitors

More delights at the feeder during the last few days have included this Downy Woodpecker, who we have called Woody!   His plumage is beautiful and he has a red patch on the back of his head.

This male Purple Finch is another beautiful bird.  He frequently visits the feeder. 

We also have Goldfinches.

This is the Purple Finch with the female.

And more photographs of the male Purple Finches.

Woody seemed convinced that he could peck his way into the feeder from underneath.  He must have given himself a headache trying to peck through metal!

Next, the Bluejays arrived.

And finally, the Grosbeaks.  They remind me of giant budgies!

Thanks to my husband for patience at capturing these images with the camera.  He gave me regular updates at work on the birds' arrival.  We have never seen so many species of birds in the garden in the time that we have lived here.

At The Feeder

When we lived in Ontario, we hung this feeder in our garden and waited three months before a bird finally showed up.  After we moved, we placed it in the tree outside our window, but the winter storms forced us to take it down.  We put it up again recently and had our first visitors after only three days!

These cheeky Black-capped Chickadees really enjoy sunflower hearts and were quick to make the most of ours.  Soon after they appeared, they were brave enough to remain at the feeder even when we ventured outdoors.

I have more photographs to share in the next post, which has been in draft form for about a week.