Thursday, 23 February 2012

Winter Continues...

It started snowing again yesterday morning and I thought that I would show you a short film of the sight that greeted me outside our door.  This was in addition to the 20 cm of fresh snowfall that we found upon our return from New Brunswick at the weekend.

Not feeling particularly like venturing outside in the cold, I shot this from the doorway.  There is only so much Winter that a girl can handle and I think that I may have reached my limit.  The good news is that the course went very well and I am so glad that I had an opportunity to take it.  Although I've been off work this week, it hasn't felt like much of a break, as I've been busy trying to catch up on all the jobs that don't get done when I'm working.  Speaking of which, I believe that there is a rather large pile of ironing awaiting my attention...

This is my first attempt at posting a video to my blog.  Apologies for the sound quality/commentry in the background.  The microphone is a lot more sensitive than I thought it was!


Isobel said...

This is beautiful, Marie. But I agree that there is so much of winter one can take. Glad to hear that your course went well.

Tracy said...

haha... such fun to hear you voice, and your husband too! Brave you for posting a video! ;o) Oh, my... but look at all that snow... You have more than we do at the moment. Hang in there, sweetie... Spring, we have to keep hoping it will return soon! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Mésange said...

Dear Marie,

I fully understand your mood - I'm sure your not dancing and singing with this extra snow! In Montreal, we had a perfect winter - only a snowstorm (15 cm) but we're expecting Spring as if we passed through a hard winter. Now, it's snowing, I don't have to complain. Maybe we will get just enough snow to make mapple taffy on a new snow!

Stay optimist, the snow fallen will melt quickly with the sunny days. And for the work, it can wait "again". Take time for yourself and please enjoy the last sighs of winter.

Have a nice and relaxing week-end!

P.-S. The video shows perfectly the serenity of winter landscape... Bravo!