Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trials & Tribulations

It has been far too long since I found time to sit down and write a post, but it has been a challenging time as far as technology is concerned.  In the past six months, I managed to delete the entire content of our laptop whilst doing an upgrade (no back-up!); which cost us our entire digital photo collection of the last five years. 

Just before Christmas, I wiped almost 800 songs from my iPod when it synchronised with my iPhone, which didn't have any music stored on it!  Then two weeks ago, there was an accident with our laptop when it flew through the air, but didn't bounce very well.  Before I could tell my husband that we might be able to salvage some of the content of the hard drive, he had taken a hammer to it to ensure that no-one else was able to access our files.....

Now that we have got a replacement for our laptop, I have diligently backed up all our files and will try to do better in the future.

In the meantime, I am still trying to study for my course, which is at the end of this week.  Getting there could be a challenge too, as the forecast is for 20 cm of snow on the day that we travel,  I'm hoping that they are wrong, or that the snow may be delayed long enough for us to get there.

Upon our return, I have a week off work.  I'm really looking forward to having some time to myself and hopefully catching up with you all.


Isobel said...

Hi Marie,
Wow, what a pain all that laptop problem! Once I had a problem with mine and was scared I have lost everything but Hubby got to sort it out and I didn't loose all my important documents.
Hope the snow doesn't fall too heavy if that has to fall at all, and you have a safe trip.

Tracy said...

Oh my, Marie... went it rains, it pours, 'eh? ;o) So sorry you've lost sooo many photos & data. But glad you're online again and with working laptop. They should think of designing these things to be bounce-proof! Hope that snow won't be as bad as predicted on your travel day. Wishing you safe travels and all going well with your course. Sending you much LOVE this Valentine's week ((LOVE & HUGS))

Rosie said...

Oh, dear sounds like one thing after another! Glad you are back on line but what a shame about all your photos. Hope the studying goes well and that travelling will be safe with not too much snow:)