Thursday, 24 November 2011

Digging Out

The snow started yesterday lunchtime and by late afternoon, it was beginning to change the appearance of the landscape.  It was already getting dark by 4 p.m.  After the storm warnings began yesterday morning, most people were heading home early.

By evening, the blanket of snow was getting deeper.  The forecast was for up to 35 cm by morning.  I headed for bed and laid awake listening to the storm battering the windows.

No sun this morning, just a bleak winter dawn.  The photographs have a monochrome appearance due to the poor light.  Everywhere we looked, we saw snow ~ far more than would normally be expected at this time of the year.

The digging out began.  The first job was to actually get out of the door, which was easier said than done.  The problem with screen doors is that they open outwards, which is difficult when snow is piled up against them.  We resorted to using the normally unused door at the front and managed to force our way out through a crack.

I wanted to give my photographs some perspective, so I took this one of my foot and leg in the snow on the garden.  As you can imagine, walking in this is very difficult.  Also, it proved impossible to stay dry, as snow found its way inside my waterproof trousers and boots....

I found the other door and then it was a matter of digging a hole to access it.  We had a lot of digging to do.

All the way along past our two cars and still the driveway is a long way from reach.

Yes, that's the driveway and no, we didn't shovel our way down it.  At present, we are snowed in awaiting a plough.  I'm not sure that we will even be able to get out by tomorrow.

At least we can now access our door and get in and out without wading through a snowdrift.  If we get any more snow, I'm not sure where we are going to put it.

It may not officially be winter, but try telling that to those of us living on the east coast!