Monday, 14 November 2011

Mini Memories

My first Mini was blue ~ the kind that some of you may remember as being the colour that District Nurses used to drive some years ago in the UK.  It didn't have any fancy extras ~ just a basic car with a heater and a tendancy to stall whenever it was wet!  My second Mini was silver and again, it was a very basic car, though it did have a slightly larger engine than the first ~ all of about 1,000 cc.  Overtaking could only be attempted on the flat, or preferably going downhill!  As the roads became more crowded, I moved to a slightly larger car, though I've never been a fan of big cars.

A couple of months ago, I began searching for a car ~ not a new one, but a used car in good condition.  Living in the city, I had never actually owned a car of my own in all the years that I've lived in Canada, as public transport was cheap, reliable and less stressful than driving.  Now that I'm a country girl, I needed a set of wheels.  We spent some weeks going around the dealerships and I couldn't make a decision.  Then by chance, I saw an advert for a black and white Mini.  We located the dealership and they gave me the keys to take it for a drive.  You should have seen the smile on my face! 

Here was the car that I had been dreaming of....not only that, but the interior red leather seats were gorgeous.  I hesitated for a little while (long enough to ask myself whether I should buy it) and we took it for a second test drive.  By the time I had driven it around Halifax on a Saturday afternoon, I had made a decision.  I've owned my Mini for about seven weeks now and I must say that my husband seems to have driven it more than I.  Actually, he took it out again this morning....oh well, it is fun to drive and I love it.  If only I can get my key back, maybe I can take it for a little trip somewhere....