Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Goodbye to Vancouver

The final day of my visit to Vancouver dawned and the day was crisp, with that chill of an autumn morning in the air.  I was booked on a late flight (11 p.m.) so I had the whole day to say farewell before I boarded my flight.  A final walk along the sea wall past the marinas.

Admiring the mountain views in the distance.  The blue sky and the puffy white clouds.

The view of my hotel in the distance behind the float planes.

Canada Place on the waterfront with its roof, which resembles the sails of a ship.  The visit had been a wonderful experience, though one that I would have preferred to have shared.  Exploring new places is always more pleasurable with a companion.  Next time, I hope to rectify this and then I will have the pleasure of being able to revisit some of my favourite discoveries, as well as finding new ones to visit.