Monday, 7 November 2011

Stanley Park

Stanley park is situated on a peninsula to the northwest of the city of Vancouver.  It was designated as a 'green space' more than 120 years ago: an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life.  No visit to Vancouver would be complete without a visit to Stanley Park.  After walking huge distances during the course of my city visit, I have to admit that my feet were a little reluctant to cover the distance required to fully appreciate this magnificent space, but I did walk as far as the Vancouver Aquarium.

The building above is the Vancouver Rowing Club, which was established in 1886.  My walk followed paths through magnificent red cedar trees and dappled shade.

Outside the Vancouver Aquarium is this magnificent dolphin, which certainly attracts a lot of attention from the many visitors.

Once inside, there are huge tanks filled with all manner of marine life, including turtles.

I love the contrast between the colour of the jellyfish and the background.

These ones looked like grey ghosts.

Lots of fish, but I'm not good at fish identification, so I don't know which species.

And tanks filled with frogs.

There is an outside display too, including this sea otter, which was rescued as an orphan pup and hand reared by the staff at the aquarium.  It was sunbathing during my visit .