Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gastown Steam Clock

One of the most photographed attractions in Vancouver is the Steam Clock, which is located in an area of the city known as Gastown.  The clock was actually constructed to cover a steam vent, which is part of the city's centralized steam heating system.  It was built in 1977, but the style chosen gives the impression that it is much older.

A whistle sounds on the hour and the quarter, so many tourists are usually waiting around to hear it.  I suppose that it could be described as a 'Westminster Chime', except that it isn't a chime at all, but more like a steam train! 

Anyway, my thoughts had turned to the fact that today is 5th November and I'm missing the great British tradition of Guy Fawkes' Night.  I know that there isn't much of a connection to this post, but all that steam had me thinking of the smoke of those bonfires that will be burning in a few hours.  If you are fortunate enough to be participating in this event, have a safe and happy bonfire night!