Sunday, 30 October 2011

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The highlight of my trip was a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  The original bridge was built in 1889 and the current one spans 137 M (450 feet) and is 70 M (230 feet) above the Capilano River.  I wasn't sure whether I still had a head for heights ~ my last experience of a suspension bridge was in Europe about twenty years ago.  My main reason for going was not for the bridge itself, but to experience the West Coast Rainforest. 

This sheltered spot offered a late season display of colour.  Hydrangeas have long since faded in my part of Canada.

Approaching the bridge: I was relieved to see that it was not crowded with people.  In my experience, these bridges always move about when there is lots of traffic.

Safely across at at the other side.  I did try to get some photos from the bridge, but they didn't come out well.  On the bus journey to the bridge, we had been told to look out for bald eagles, which fly under the bridge to the salmon pond to fish.  I did see the back of one from a distance and waited on the bridge for a few minutes in the hope of getting a photo, but it did not return.  As it was early morning and the air was damp, I quickly started feeling cold and moved on.

These two photos are views of the Capilano Canyon.  A perspective of the bridge above the river and looking down from the path on the opposite bank.

Although the rushing water was not audible from above, this photo gives an impression of the power of the current rushing over the rocks and creating white water.

The final view looking downstream.  The best is yet to time, a walk in the rainforest.