Monday, 10 October 2011


Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada. We celebrate the harvest a few weeks earlier than our American neighbours. After a week of stormy weather which featured torrential wind, rain, hail and even snow, the sun finally put in an appearance and the mercury climbed back up to summer!

The welcome return to an Indian summer has everyone smiling and outdoors enjoying what must be the last few days of warm weather before winter sets in. It also made me think that I have a lot to be thankful for. 

We have been in Nova Scotia for two months now and they have been a very busy two months indeed. I know that my blog has been neglected, but that is for a good reason.

I have been settling into my new job and finding my feet: trying to remember all the names and faces is a task in itself and that is just the staff.  Add to this all the women who are in my care and that is a lot of names!  Then there are meetings to attend and new responsibilities as well as being on-call each week.  Maybe you can begin to appreciate that there is a lot happening at the moment.

Oh, I don't think that I mentioned that I have an exam to write on Thursday too! It is a requirement of my licence that I write the national exam and I have been trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to study for it during the last few weeks.

Also, the exam is not being offered anywhere in eastern Canada, so I'm travelling to Vancouver on Wednesday.  The exam is on Thursday and I have Friday and most of Saturday to do a spot of sightseeing before I hop on an overnight flight for my return trip. 

I would like to end this post by saying how much we love Nova Scotia.  There are some fabulous beaches, which are nearly always deserted.  The photos that I used for this post were taken a couple of weeks ago before the stormy weather, but we were also at  a local  beach enjoying a walk on Saturday and there were only two other people there! 

I will try to post more frequently once I have got this exam out of the way and drop by to say hello to all of my loyal followers.  Your comments are much appreciated, especially at times like this when I don't even have time to visit my own blog!

Happy Thanksgiving!