Thursday, 28 July 2011

Five Minutes At The Feeder

Four months ago, I posted about the first bird to visit our feeder, which was a Cardinal.  Yesterday, he appeared, but he was too fast for me to take a photograph before he was gone.  If you recall, I had posted that in three months, we did not have a single visitor.  How things have changed!

I decided to take five minutes from the packing and sit down with the camera close to the window, to see who showed up.  First, a Siskind, followed by another and an American Goldfinch.

The male Goldfinch disappeared, then another arrived with a female.  Then the cute little Chickadee.  He is too small to sit on the perch, but seems to manage by clinging to the side of the feeder with his body poking through the hole!

The sunflower seeds are so big for him that he usually grabs a piece, then heads for the top of the garden gate, where he balances it between his feet and taps away at it with his beak.

As you can see, he is quite determined and often stays when all the other birds take flight.  They are eating us out of house and home.  In three weeks, they have finished a 10 lb bag of seed!  How we shall miss their daily visits once we leave.