Sunday, 17 July 2011

Our Favourite Beach

Two weeks ago, we were in the northern part of Cape Breton Island and we took some time to visit our favourite beach.  This beautiful stretch of sand is largely undiscovered by the tourists because access is via a path which is not widely known.

It was Sunday lunchtime, yet there were only seven other people on the beach and we could walk undisturbed along the golden sand.

Our last visit here was five years ago, so a return trip was long overdue!  I wasn't brave enough to paddle in this stretch of water, as it is the Atlantic Ocean side and far too cold for me.

The photographs below are of a more sheltered bay, which has changed considerably since our last visit. 

The channel used to be shallow enough to paddle in without going too deep, but the sea has changed the shape of the sand and the channel is much deeper now.
I did paddle at the edge and the water was pleasantly warm, but avoided going into the deeper channel.

There was hardly any breeze on that Sunday morning, just the quiet sound of the waves lapping and the sunshine.

The brilliance of the blue sky is a lasting memory.  The air was so clear and salty and the sky seemed to go on forever.