Thursday, 9 June 2011


Hello.  First of all I wanted to say that I had not intended on being away so long.  It wasn't as if I was planning a blogging break, but more a combination of circumstances.  The last few weeks have been very stressful following events which I mentioned here.  Also, our camera broke, so I wasn't able to take any photographs.  Now that I'm here, I can't promise to be around much, as there are many changes happening at the moment, but I am not in a position to share them with you at present. 

What do you think of my gardening shoes?  Not the best photograph, but you can see them better on this website.  (Apologies for the whiter than white legs!)

I've been busy growing things around here with varying degrees of success.  The first sweet peas were sown far too early.  I had them indoors and they went tall and leggy, but wouldn't climb, then promptly died when I planted them outside.  We had a very cold, wet spring, so they were indoors much longer than anticipated.  These little beauties were sown outside straight into these planters and they are coming along nicely.  I have a second planter of a different variety, but their growth is slow at present.  I do love sweet peas!  My last attempt years ago when we had a balcony ended in failure as they shrivelled in the heat before they ever flowered.

This is a pepper plant, which I bought recently.  It is the only plant that was not grown from seed.  I hear that peppers do well in our climate, so I shall wait and see.

And lots of tomato plants.  I have far too many to give them all special treatment, but the best have been planted individually and receive lots of attention.

Mixed salad leaves have been doing well.  I should have photographed them befoe I picked the first batch for a delicious salad.  They are a 'cut and come again' variety, so I'm hoping to get at least four pickings from this lot and I've just sowed some more.  I would have put them in the garden, but we have rabbits visiting at night and even occasionally during the daytime.

This is the first time that I have grown an edible garden and I'm finding the process very satisfying.  I have beetroot and carrots sown, but nothing to show just yet.