Friday, 6 May 2011

Home Comforts

Sometimes I feel that if I don't find a way to fill my time, I'm going to go crazy.  Yesterday was one of those days, mainly due to the fact that I was waiting for news which will affect my future, but it didn't arrive.  It had been an anxious twenty-four hours; so I decided to do some baking.

My initial plan was to make honey oatmeal cookies, which are favourites in my house, but then I got into an almost meditative state and I didn't want to stop.  I made a lemon drizzle cake and then I made a malted loaf.  In the meantime, I had made bread dough and made a couple of loaves of French bread (no photos, as I was told it looked like "Dino-Bread" ~ not very complimentary, but I noticed it was eaten regardless!)

Not only did all this domesticity fill me with feelings of peace and satisfaction, but it filled the kitchen with the delicious scent of home baked bread.  All in all, a very satisfying way to spend a day.

It looks like spring has finally arrived and the forecast is for sunny, mild days.  Not warm enough to think about changing to summer clothes yet, but at least I won't need my winter coat and boots!

Whatever your plans, have a wonderful weekend.