Monday, 2 May 2011

Luscious Lemon Meringue

I've always loved lemon meringue pie and as I got a large bag of lemons which were on sale during Easter weekend, I decided to make one.  I used the recipe from The Gentle Art of Domesticity, which is made using a biscuit base, so no fiddly pastry.

The filling was a touch on the runny size, but that had to do with the fact that condensed milk does not come in the right size of can here, so I used a little less (I think that I should have cut down on the lemon juice to compensate).

Fortunately, I didn't walk away and leave the oven on the timer, as the meringue browned really fast.  It tasted as good as it looked, though it was a bit difficult to get it out of the tin (which is the reason for the absence of photographs!)  Now I'm watching my weight after over-indulging, so I won't be making another one for quite a while.