Saturday, 26 March 2011

White Smoke At The Vatican

Three months ago, we hung a bird feeder in our garden outside our kitchen window.  We eagerly anticipated our first visitors.  Considering that it was two days before Christmas and there was snow on the ground, we did not think that we would have long to wait before our feathered friends were lining up for the tasty treats.

Imagine our disappointment as the days and weeks passed and still we had no birds at the feeder.

Finally, the wait is over - almost three months to the day, I spotted our first bird and what a treat!  A male Cardinal was our first visitor.   I had only ever seen them from a distance but I must say that his colouring is magnificent.

Then a couple of days ago a female Cardinal arrived.  She had a little more trouble balancing on the perch, as it was a windy day, but she seems to have perfected her technique. 

Note: I wish that I could claim to have had the patience and the time to catch them on film, but I am not responsible for the photographs.  We have bug screens on our windows, hence the fine mesh which is visible on these pictures.