Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Digging Out

We had a winter storm last night with blizzard conditions at times.  The overnight snowfall was 30 cm (at least that was the forecast), but we awoke to find that we could not get out of the front door!  Drifting snow had added to the accumulation on the ground.

Our garden and front steps were completely buried.

Digging out was a lengthy process as we had to work out where to put it all!

The fire hydrant outside our house is just visible in the mounds of snow.  No wonder they paint them bright colours.

Walking in the snow was extremely difficult, especially as I didn't touch the ground even when it was almost up to my knees.

Our street as the clear-up began.  The lucky person in the background has a snow blower, but we had to do it the hard way and dig our way out.

A quick breather before tackling the front entrance steps.  It took three hours of hard digging to clear the snow from our driveway and the footpath across the front of our house.....and it is still snowing!