Saturday, 31 December 2011

White Christmas

The snow that started on 23rd December continued throughout Christmas Eve, so we awoke to a white Christmas.  We decided to get warmly dressed and go for a walk in the woods behind our house.

The branches of the trees were heavily laden with snow, which bent many of them to the ground.  There were no human footprints along the trail, though we did see some animal prints, possibly deer.   

The woods were silent and it was easy to imagine how people can wander off and get lost.  Although we were following a cleared trail in the daylight,  much of this part of Nova Scotia is wilderness where there are no roads or trails.

We found some deep untouched snow and I made my first snow angel!!!  I've never done a snow angel before in my entire life.....better late than never!  The walk was exhilerating, mainly due to the fact that the outward part was all uphill, but it was lovely to return to the warmth of home and put our feet up.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Maritime Christmas

Christmas 2011 ~ our first Christmas in the Maritimes and also our first country Christmas.  The tree was much larger than anticipated after I ordered one around 5-6 feet.  The one that was delivered actually measured 8 feet, so we had to shorten it to get it in our living room ~ we had branches and sawdust everywhere!

I bought some new Christmas ornaments to adorn our tree during a visit to Halifax: Santa and Rudolph adorning a lighthouse with lights and Santa in a rowing boat full of gifts (sorry that the photo is a bit dark).

This country Christmas bauble is another new addition.

And how could I resist this adorable snowman and his gingerbread companion?  Let It Snow is one saying that we didn't need this year ~ we had lots of it and I will share some photos next time.

I finally started my Christmas Memories book, which I've been saving for far too long.  I've always intended to save memories from our Christmases, but never seemed to find the time.  After unintentionally wiping the hard drive of our computer this summer, I realise the importance of saving digital photographs.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

It started with light snowfall yesterday morning and continued throughout the day.  By late afternoon, there was a blanket of white and people were hurrying home.  This was the view from our window as night fell.

The snow continued overnight and Christmas Eve morning dawned a dull grey.  The garden had been transformed overnight and there was a hushed stillness to the landscape; what sounds there were being muffled by the winter blanket.

This is the view of our house from the end of the driveway.  Fortunately, we were able to get out without waiting for the plough to come and clear it.

The trees are heavily laden with snow now and we are planning a walk this afternoon.  We are certainly having a white Christmas this year.

All that remains is to wish each one of my readers a very Merry Christmas. 
May this season be filled with peace and joy.