Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lemon Curd

I bought some beautiful Meyer lemons when I went grocery shopping and I decided to turn them into lemon curd.  As a child, I adored lemon curd and although I don't eat it often these days, I do still enjoy it. 

Don't the lemons have the most wonderful colour?  Their scent as I grated and squeezed them was sweet and full of citrusy promise to come.

Beat the eggs in a pan and add butter cut into small chunks.  The recipe said to use a balloon whisk to combine, which I did, but it is a tiring process.  I learnt from past experience that an electric whisk does not work.

The end result looked a little foamy and I was trying to flatten the bubbles with the back of a spoon, but eventually I left it like this.

I added the lids and heated the jars again to create a vacuum; not that they will be sealed for long! I couldn't resist trying it on my toast this morning and it was delicious!  I have plans to make a more seasonal curd before Christmas, but I'll keep the details until later.


Tracy said...

mmmm... I ADORE LEMON CURD! And Meyer lemons are the most tasty, I think. Not possible to get them here, sadly... Most of the lemons in the shops are from Spain. No matter though, I love making & eating lemon curd. I plan to make a couple jars soon. ;o) Thanks for the inspiration, Marie! Happy Day ((LOVE & HUGS))

Louise said...

How much do I love lemon curd, and lemons! Looks and sounds positively delicious! x

Anna at the Doll House said...

Your lemon curd looks so luscious. You have inspired me to make some myself.


Alice and Ginny said...

i have never made lemon curd, but i do love to eat it! I hope you are well Marie and thank you for popping by. much love Ginny x