Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Open House

Saturday afternoon was bright and sunny after the snow overnight, so we decided to go out for a drive and headed up to Cape Breton.  We went on a road which is unfamiliar to me and came upon a delightful Christmas shop where I made a couple of small purchases, which I will share with you in a later post.  It turned out that the owner of the shop opens her home for charity and she was having a Christmas Open House.  Not only is the house itself beautiful, but the way it was decorated was stunning.
There was a Christmas tree in each of the main rooms in addition to Christmas china on the dining table and lots of Christmas ornaments.  the bedrooms were cosy and inviting, with cosy quilts.
Who wouldn't adore a sleigh bed like this one? 
And next to the bed was yet another Christmas tree.  The attention to detail was staggering.  It takes the owner three weeks to set up for this event and she has opened her house for the past 17 years to raise money for charity. 
This is the last year that she intends to do this and I count myself fortunate to have seen this beautiful home.  What a magical start to the Christmas season!


Gingham and Flowers said...

How lovely. The house looks beautiful. Imagine having a Christmas tree in the bedroom. I'd love that. Not sure my hubbie would! You're lucky to have got to see it. I'm starting to feel really Christmassy now and have even managed to make some inroads into the Christmas shopping. Much more to do though. Fiona x

Tracy said...

What a fun place...I love all the enchanting Christmas settings & decoration--very inspiring! Although we don't go so far as decorating in the bedroom, bathroom, etc...LOL...;o) Thanks for taking us along, Marie. ((HUGS))

Louise said...

I haven't ever thought of having Christmas decorations in the bedroom! x