Saturday, 22 October 2011


The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 and it is one of Canada's leading research universities.  The Vancouver Campus is home to almost 40,000 students. 

I arrived early on Thursday morning last week, when I was scheduled to write my exam.  After a  journey of appoximately 4.600 Km (2,900 miles), I didn't want to arrive late and be prohibited from entering the exam.

At that time of the morning, the campus was still quiet and I was able to enjoy the many beautiful buildings and wide avenues that make up the campus.  The mountain backdrop added to the majestic scene and I wondered what it would have been like to have attended UBC as it is known locally, as a student.

The day went as well as could have been expected.  I had the good fortune to meet up with some really nice midwives from other parts of the world, who were all internationally trained, like myself.  We shared lunch and then went out for a meal at the end of the day.  It was lovely to do something relaxing after what has been a stressful few weeks.  And now the waiting begins ~ six weeks is the anticipated time until the results are released, at which time, I will be watching the mailbox with much anticipation.

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Tracy said...

Oh, but the Uni of BC has a lovely campus there in Vancouver! It almost reminds of places in the south in the US. Beautiful building. Very glad all went well with getting there and taking your exams. Such a long wait for the results though, too long! Hopefully they won't keep you waiting a full 6 weeks. Hope you're having a good weekend now. Oh, and thank you for that fun thing you emailed me--much appreciated after tough end of week, thank you--I needed a good laugh! ;o) ((HUGS))