Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rock Garden

Discovered by the roadside at Arisaig.  A beautiful rock garden.

Gorgeous pink roses blooming and visited frequently by passing bees.

 Here, my knowledge of plants fails me, as I do not recognise this yellow flower or the other plant below.

This garden is in a lay-by just off the highway.  I have no idea who tends it, but it is a tranquil resting place.

I hope to make a return visit next month to see how it has changed as summer progresses.


Tracy said...

How beautiful! That is some of the mostly pretty roadside planting I've ever seen! Wish our rock garden looked so good. ;o) Many thanks for you loving comment at my place. We are still in great shock & sadness over the tragedy that happened here this past weekend. Thank you for thinking of us! :O) ((HUGS))

Louise said...

Beautiful. I'd imagine the yellow flower belongs to a form of Sedum. The plant with the silver foliage is a variety of Cerastium, also known as Snow in Summer. I have the very same pink rose in my garden. x