Saturday, 30 July 2011

On The Road Again

By the time that you read this post, we will be back on the road, travelling towards Nova Scotia.  We plan to begin our journey in the early hours of the morning so that we can avoid the busy traffic of Montreal, which is always a difficult city to travel through, even on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Our journey will take us five hours before we even leave Ontario behind us.  For the first four hours, we follow the shoreline of Lake Ontario (though we do not see it from the road).  This gives you an impression of why it is one of the Great Lakes.  Once we cross into Quebec, it takes a further hour to reach Montreal and then another two and a half hours to reach beautiful Quebec City. 

The scenery changes and becomes more mountainous; the road follows the bank of the St Lawrence River as far as the point at which we turn south at Riviere-de-Loup. Above, you see a photo of one of Quebec's many lakes and the provincial flag.  On our last journey, we drove this stretch at dusk and travelled through the night, so our view was of the silhouette of the mountains viewed from across the River.

Onwards towards New Brunswick, where we quite literally travel through time: we leave the Eastern time zone and move our watches forward by one hour when we cross into the Atlantic time zone.  This leg of the journey always seems long as we are tired and eager for rest.  Even allowing for stops for refreshments and to stretch our legs, we will be travelling at least fourteen hours before we arrive at our overnight stop.

The second day of the trip sees us leave New Brunswick behind and continue our journey into and through Nova Scotia.  This leg will take about eight hours, though it sometimes takes longer depending on the traffic and road conditions.  As we cross into Nova Scotia this time the final hours of our journey should(hopefully) fly by as we approach our destination.  It is a long road, but we will finally be home.


Isobel said...

Hi Marie,
I hope you makes a good trip and that you get to your new home safe and sound.

Tracy said...

Wishing you a safe & happy journey, Marie. You're soon there, soon home! :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Louise said...

I'm thinking 'no pain, no gain'. Very apt for you as a midwife! x