Thursday, 21 July 2011

Extreme Heat

Southern Ontario is experiencing a heat alert.  The temperature reached 37 C today and with the humidex (heat and humidity combined), it felt like 51 C.  How can I describe such extreme heat to those of you who do not experience such extreme temperatures?

Stepping outdoors is like entering a furnace.  Even a couple of minutes outside feels like my skin is being fried.  Walking any faster than a snail's pace is almost impossible and the heat takes my breath away.

The plants are thriving though.  I spotted our first tomato starting to change colour this morning and two peppers on the pepper plant which were not there two days ago.  I tried to photograph them, but the photo was out of focus.

Even the tomatoes which were the poorer specimens that I threw in the garden are covered in flowers and fruit.  I hope some of them will be ready before we leave at the end of next week.


Tracy said...

Look at all those flowers on your tomato plants! Tomatoes like heat and humidity, so if both keep up you'll have tomatoes to eat soon! Not enough humidity for tomatoes here, no unless one has a green house, which we don't have... so it's been a long time since eating a home-grown tomato. I remember the taste. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Priscilla said...

Oh my that sounds hot!! I like the sun but not the heat.When we went to egypt in April 2 year ago, they had a unusual temp for that time of year, it was like opening the oven, we went out only for a short time I have never known heat like that,I can not imagine what even higher temps than that are! Glad your tomoatoes are liking it though.. Stay cool lol ;) Priscilla x

Isobel said...

Oh, Marie. Your tomatoes put mine to shame!!
Too much rain and so little time to look after them. :(
Looks like you are going to have a great crop!

Louise said...

I think I know where you're coming from, after being in Queensland, Aus in extreme heat and humidity. Never again if I can help it! x