Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's In The Bag....

The last couple of weeks have been difficult at times, but I'm pleased to report that I was at a birth in the early hours of Friday morning and things went well.  In preparation for home births (I've attended three, but not for any of my own clients); I've been accumulating equipment.  So much in fact, that I'm seriously wondering whether I need a bigger car.  The list seems endless....three oxygen cylinders, birth stool, birth instruments, medication, resuscitation equipment, intravenous supplies, warming pad etc etc

Finding the right bag was top of my list of priorities and I'm happy that I chose these.  Not only do they look good, but they have lots of useful pockets for storing my bits and pieces.  Now I know that they are in the bag, but the real question is where....?  I'm certain that in time, I will remember where I put everything!


Tracy said...

LOVE the bright, fun, red color! They look like nice luggage... great choice of bags. Almost looks like you're going on holiday! I know you wish you were! ;o) This was fun to see...thank for the behind-the-scenes, Marie! Happy Week, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

tea time and roses said...

The bags are beautiful Marie! I too am loving this cheerful color. So happy to hear all is going well, wonderful indeed!:o)

Happy Spring to you dear friend.