Friday, 18 February 2011


The challenge: to take an as-new cardigan with arms that are long enough for a gorilla and turn it into a wearable garment.

I've never attempted this before, but thought that it should be possible, as although machine-knitted, the pattern was fairly simple.  Taking my time to unpick the cuffs carefully so as not to cut the knitting.  I unpicked more than 10 cm of the length and then picked up the stitches, knitting new cuffs to match.

Not bad if I say so myself.  I'm really pleased with the results.

Now all that I need is some mild weather so that I can wear my spring cardigan.


Rosie said...

Well done! I don't think I'd have dared to unpick the sleeves. You will enjoy wearing your cardigan all the more now:)

Tracy said...

VERY impressive, Marie! That is a LOT to unpick and rework, even if the knitting was simple. What a beautiful result! And I just love, LOVE that soft tender pale pink...*swoon*... Thanks for stopping by my place, and for your lovely email. We had a great day with family visiting yesterday. EXHAUSTED today, so having a rest. I will write you tomorrow. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marie,

This is fabulous! Like Tracy, I love the pretty pink yarn. I am sure this cardigan will be even more wonderful to wear knowing you had a lot to do with its prettiness.:o) Continue to enjoy a lovely week.



Louise said...

Not being a knitter I have no idea how you did that! Well done, and looking forward to seeing it being modelled. x

tea time and roses said...

Dropping by to wish you a lovely weekend.