Saturday, 15 January 2011


This was the sight that greeted us on Wednesday morning.  All of this snowfall happened overnight and it took two hours to dig our way out of the driveway.  This was the first significant snowfall this winter, but certainly not the last: it started snowing again overnight and we have had to dig out twice today.  The snow looks pretty, but it loses its appeal once the digging begins!


Heidi said...

Hi Marie! The snow does look so pretty and I would much rather have it than all of our rain and wind. Want to share some? :-)

Did you buy this house or rent it? It is just adorable. It will be wonderful that you have a garden to putter in in the summer months. Do you have any gardening plans?

I am making my very first crochet afghan. I am teaching myself to do it through YouTube videos. You need it to keep you warm.

Hugs from Holland ~

Wild Rose said...

I wouldn't mind a bit of rain at the moment least it would be easier on my back!

I haven't had time to make any plans for the garden, which is quite literally a blank canvas at present, but I do hope to create a vegetable garden, as well as having some flowers in the spring/summer. I've planted some bulbs for the spring, so I'm looking forward to seeing them when the weather warms up.

Marie x

Gingham and Flowers said...

Your snow looks very pretty. It always does when it first arrives but seems to get messy and dirty very quickly and then it definitely loses its appeal. We seem to have had more than our fair share this winter already and I'm hoping we don't get any more. Longing for the Spring now. Fiona x

Tracy said...

Hi, Marie! Oh, but your how is sooo sweet... and lovely with it's icing of snow! We had a LOT of snowfall during the weekend. I'm ready for spring now... LOL! Be keeping warm & safe. Happy Days ((LOVE & HUGS))