Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Meet The Tooth Fairy

I found myself wondering what to give my niece for her sixth birthday and then I thought about teeth.  She  is approaching the age when her baby teeth will be falling out and I came up with the idea of a pillow.  Anyway, I did a bit of searching online and found an even better idea ~ a tooth fairy!

This was a fun and fairly easy project which was quickly completed once I had stopped procrastinating about dragging my sewing machine out of its usual place.  The one problem was that the fabric glue I purchased wouldn't stick felt, so I ended up trying to handsew the pocket through hard glue!  Yes, the fairy's mouth is a pocket for the tooth.  As my niece enjoys ballet; I thought that a ballerina tooth fairy was most appropriate.

In my day, I used to put my tooth under my pillow and find a sixpence in the morning.  I think that times have changed.  I don't know what the going rate is for a tooth these days.  If you want to create your own tooth fairy, you can find the pattern here.