Sunday, 26 September 2010

To Market, To Market

We went to a farm market on Friday.  It was a marvellous place to visit, though quite a distance from home.  It is great to be able to buy really fresh vegetables and juicy, crisp apples for a change.  We don't eat squash, but I always love to see their autumn shades of yellows and oranges.  They are so colourful.

Rows of pumpkins await a new home.  No doubt many will be carved ready for Hallowe'en.  I would love to buy one, but not having an outdoor space, I found from previous years that they do not keep successfully indoors, as it is too warm.

Further colour is provided by potted Mums, as they are known here: they are a variety of Chrysanthemum.  And I just love the corn stalks, which can also been seen standing in the fields in the surrounding area.

We returned home with bags laden with lots of fresh vegetables, apples and freshly dug potatoes ~ delicious!