Thursday, 9 September 2010

Knitting Yarns

I had an ulterior motive for my recent visit to Unionville.  I had searched online and discovered Mary's Yarns and I was in need of some knitting therapy. 

To discover that there was a wool shop so close to where I am staying was an unexpected pleasure and it was definitely worth the visit.  There are five rooms of yarns located in this delightful house: more than enough to satisfy the cravings of most knitters, but not so overwhelming that it is impossible to make a choice.

My apologies for the photo quality these days, but my only access to a camera when I am away is on my Blackberry.  Floor to ceiling heaven!

With the recent addition of a new niece to the family back in June, the idea of knitting a cardigan had been in mind for the last few weeks.  I finally chose a pretty pink yarn and a straightforward garter stitch pattern in the hope that even if I was tired, I would be able to knit this and not worry about going wrong (some hope!  I forgot to do the increase for the sleeves, as this is an all-in-one pattern with back, sleeves and fronts knitted in one piece).

The last photo shows the cardigan nearing completion.  I finished the knitting part on Sunday afternoon, but have to stitch it together and was unable to do so at the time, as I had left my needle in my temporary accommodation.  How happy I shall be when I'm finally living in one place with all of my craft projects and equipment to hand!