Monday, 6 September 2010

Weekend Domesticity

My long-anticipated weekend off is over and once more, I am awaiting the call to tell me that another baby is on the way.  In the meantime, I can look back on a weekend of quiet domesticity.  It is always nice to be home and I think that I appreciate it even more since I have been away all these months.

A little preparation earlier last week meant that I had all of the ingredients for baking a Christmas cake and this was on my list of things to do during the course of the weekend.  The incentive to bake was greater given that the weather had turned unseasonably cold, so it was a pleasure to have the oven on and enjoy the coziness of the kitchen.

First the fruit had to be weighed, stalks removed and then soaked overnight in brandy.  Next the cake was mixed and the tin prepared; then the lengthy baking time.  The aroma of baking Christmas cake filled our home and I thought how much I look forward to such rituals each year.

Finally, the cake was baked and I was able to remove it from the tin and allow it to cool before wrapping it carefully to allow it to mature.  It will be liberally laced with brandy at intervals over the coming weeks.