Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Wonderful Weekend Book

Elspeth Thompson's The Wonderful Weekend Book had been on my wish list since it was published.  I decided that as I am to start working crazy hours next year; it would be a good idea to reclaim some time when I actually have a weekend off rather than frittering it away doing mundane tasks.

I was filled with anticipation as I waited for the book's arrival and I am enjoying reading it and already storing some ideas away for things to do that will make my weekends more enjoyable.  Not that I haven't got plenty of crafts on the go already, but it is always good to have a change.

After dipping into the book, I decided to find out a little more about Elspeth and I was saddened to learn that she passed away earlier this year at the young age of 48 years.  It seems that she was severely affected by depression.  She was a blogger and her husband wrote a moving tribute to her on her blog.

Elspeth was a wife and mother but also a talented writer and broadcaster.  Her obituary appeared in The Telegraph and can be read here.  I may be late in discovering Elspeth's writing but I feel that I have discovered a friend who will lead me in my new journey and fill me with enthusiasm for some of life's more simple pleasures.


Sheila said...

Ive wanted that book for ages too, im so sad to learn that about her. Its so sad when you find those things out-i always want to know about the author when i read something. I hope the book is great, id love to know more about it.

Gingham and Flowers said...

That book has been on my wish list for ages too. It really was incredibly sad that she died so young and under such sad circumstances. But she has left behind a huge amount of fans and followers.
Thanks for your message on my last blog post. My little creation did arrive very early(9 weeks!) but he is doing very well, and at home with us now despite not being due for another couple of weeks. Life is a little hectic but luckily I'm managing to find a little time for some blog catch up and I might even manage to write a post before too long. Fiona x