Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Thrift Shop Finds ~ 1

I enjoy a wander around our local thrift (charity) shop and as it is run by the Salvation Army, I know that any money that I spend goes to a very worthy cause. 

I was in there a few weeks ago and I discovered this melamine coaster mat on the shelf.  It appealed to me and I bought it.  I just love the vibrant city scene, which many of you will recognize as Trafalgar Square; with Nelson on his column and the lions at the base and that quintessentially London sight of the older double-decker buses.

Have you paid a visit to your local shop and found any bargains lately?


Rosie said...

I've just been catching up with your posts again. Love the halloween scenes and your cross stitch is looking good. I've not been in a charity shop for ages but my neighbour came home the other day with some Red Herring jeans she got for £4 - she was thrilled to bits:)

Tracy said...

What a fun find, Marie... and a little bit of your old home, England. :o) We don't have any thrift shops here sadly, but there are some passing flea markets from time to time, usually proceeds going to the aid of schools or other local organization, so always worthy causes to contribute a little to, and find something "new". Happy Day ((HUGS))

Flossie and Tom said...

wow that was a real blast from the past - we had the same placemats when I was a child - there was a set of six and they were all different scenes - I think one was from the Lake District - but I loved the London one so always grabbed that one - I will have to ask my sisters which were theirs XX

VintagePretty said...

I don't have any time anymore. I seem to live at the library now. I do like charity-shop shopping though, there is something surprisingly satisfying about it - and there is always the chance of bagging a real bargain!

Loved your halloween post - it's quite a big holiday on that side of the pond, isn't it? :) I like seeing the world through the eyes of all the bloggers out there.