Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Place To Call Home

Picture the scene.  A week ago we went looking for our new home.  We had two potential places in mind.  The first one was the home that I had set my heart on (from the description in the advert on Kijiji).  I had images in my mind of calling this my home. 

The neighbourhood was beautiful: full of pretty houses and a lovely quiet street.  We drove up to the house and discovered a sadly neglected, run-down garden and a house in need of some T.L.C.  We decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and waited to be shown inside. 

It went from bad to worse, from the sorry state of the (bricked up) fireplace, which was mentioned as a feature in the property details; to the ancient kitchen units (freshly painted, but in need of ripping apart).  Oh, I forgot to mention the ancient mis-matched bathroom!  The back garden, which was strangely not featured in any of the photographs proved an even greater shock.  It came complete with derelict swimming pool occupied by a dead tree and a "lawn" covered in moss and slime!  Oh, I forgot to mention that the landlord wanted to rent the basement separately.....we couldn't get away from there fast enough.

The second property was a delightful surprise.  Newly refinished and ready to move into.  I fell instantly in love.  We were not ready to make an immediate decision, so went home to think about it, both waiting for the other to say what they thought.  By the time we got home, I think that we knew.  We called the landlord the next morning and said that we were interested in the property.  He said that he was continuing to show it through that weekend but we could put in an application. 

A few tense days followed until a call on Monday confirmed that it is ours!  Yes, for the first time in my (adult) life, I am going to have a house to call home.  After years of apartment living, I can't wait....

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Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new home, Marie... and dream of own house coming true! Hunting for a new home can be very daunting, and sometimes one must view some ugly duckling before finding "the one." ;o) Just so thrilled that all is falling into great place for you after some struggles in the past couple years. VERY exciting, my friend! Hope all goes well with the move soon and that you will be very happy in your new place for a long time to come. Wishing you all the best--as always! We leave on our trip, so I won't be able to write for a few days perhaps. But look forward to catching up with you soon. Happy Days :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))