Friday, 19 November 2010

And Then There Were None...

...books that is.  The packing has begun.  Two bookshelves emptied, which filled twenty boxes and lots more to go.


winnibriggs said...

Have only just read your previous post. How lucky you were to find you new home after the initial shock. We had a similar experience before we bought this house, the one we viewed is..... next door and needed soooo much work. This one was not even advertised, but once I had seen it it was mine!
Good Luck for your move, you must be so excited.

tea time and roses said...

Congratulations Marie!! I read your previous post and know just why that book shelf is empty.:o) Enjoy your new home my friend. Few things are exciting as moving into a new home!

By the way, I love your waffle wash cloth. I knit one not many weeks ago.:o)

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!