Saturday, 25 September 2010

The View From Here

Just a day since I returned home and I'm coming down with something.  I think that my body has decided that enough is enough.  After weeks of on-call and hauling myself out of bed in the middle of the night (on the nights when I actually went to bed); my body  is admitting defeat.  It is as if I took a huge sigh of relief and my immunity went down with it.

So I have decided to be kind to myself.  After forcing myself to go out to post that long-awaited baby gift of a  cardigan for my niece, I turned tail and ran for cover.  I put on a favourite and much-loved pair of flannel pyjamas and my new slippers, which were going to get a post of their own, but you get to see them here instead.  There is something very reassuring about slippers isn't there?  It must have something to do with getting cozy for the dark nights ahead.

The long list of household jobs is going to have to wait.  I'm putting my feet up and the furthest I intend to move is the kitchen to make another cup of tea.  Enjoy your weekend.  


P.K said...

I hope you feel better soon! It is a good weekend to rest and regroup.

Rosie said...

Hope you get lots of rest and relaxation and that you will feel better soon! Great slippers and a lovely cheering colour. Take carexx

VintagePretty said...

We're all coming down with "freshers flu" - well, I expect to any moment as everyone in the class is coming down with some new bug (the joys of education!). I sympathise with your condition :( You know it's a typical thing for teachers to get ill after the term has ended or to get headaches and migraines after a bout of stress. It sounds like you've gone through the wringer so don't over-tax yourself. Have a weekend being relieved that your classes are over and that you have some you-time!

Good luck with the wait (I am awful at waiting but perhaps the results will be worth waiting for?) and tuck yourself up in bed with paracetamol, water and a good book. Oh and lemon and honey if you've got it.