Monday, 30 August 2010


I was looking at my blog and I can't quite believe that it has been seven weeks since I updated. I had intended to post before I started my placement extension, but in the rush to get ready, all thoughts of other things were put aside in a wave of anxiety about how things would evolve.

I started my clerkship with a second midwifery practice at the beginning of August. Four weeks have passed and it has been a stressful transition, but I am enjoying my practice far more than the first time around. The midwives have been very welcoming and supportive, which has made an enormous difference. On-call has been exhausting, especially last weekend, when I was up at births three nights running: this after 24 hours without sleep!

Last Thursday, I had a little down-time and I was able to visit historic Unionville and explore a little. The Main Street was settled in 1794, which is old for Canada. It is a pretty village-like setting with many interesting shops and grand old houses.

I am half-way through my placement now and I'm feeling far more confident about the outcome. I still have areas to work on, but I believe that I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.


VintagePretty said...

Congratulations on getting to your half-way mark and I am glad thart it's not been as bad as your first placement. Lights at the end of the tunnel are sometimes all we can hope for :)

Unionville (I do find American and Canadian place-names funny) looks pretty and idyllic - everything over there looks very well-manicured. My French friend is currently living and working in Montreal, which he is finding even more of a culture-shock than coming from rural France and working in Gateshead! I hope to pop out to visit him sometime when life / money allows.

Good luck and keep 'yer pecker up as my mother would say :)

Tash x

Tracy said...

So very glad things are going much better this extra time around, Marie--everything sounds so good! Do hope these last weeks run smoothly and you brush up on what you need to--and get your midwife certification--yes! Unionville looks a very lovely place to enjoy a day! I reminds me so much of place back home in American... very idyllic country place. Good luck, my friend--wishes the very best of everything! :o) ((BIG HUGS))

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marie!

I was so delighted to read a comment from you my friend. I have missed you so:o)

Unionville is beautiful, so very pretty. I am so happy for you Marie! Wishing you nothing but the very very best, and are so excited for you! Take care and happy week to you.



Gingham and Flowers said...

Hi Marie, thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been away from blog land for so long but am determined to rejoin it again. I finish my very stressful job in 7 weeks time so hope to have a little more time for blogging and creating for a little while although I'm then going to get very busy again as I'm having a baby in the middle of December! But I hope the World of blog might be my little escape in odd moments of peace as we get into a new routine.
Unionille looks absolutely lovely.
Good luck with the rest of your placement. I will try to call by here more regularly again. Fiona x

Heidi said...

Hi Marie! It was so nice to see you posting on my blog. I always enjoy having you visit. I am so glad to hear you have passed the halfway point and things are looking good. Keep up the good work. It sounds exhausting to me but your results with the birth must make it worthwhile.

This town looks really wonderful. What a beautiful building you shared with us. Good for the soul to have some down time.

Hugs from Holland ~

P.S. - I think you can dare to say Christmas cake. I am thinking of things with the holidays too. But first we have our move...

Priscilla said...

Wow you sound busy! Glad you are enjoying your new position though.
Unionville looks like a lovely place..

Priscilla x

Rosie said...

It was great to see you back with a comment on my blog so I've popped over here to see how you are. Still very busy it seems but happy with what you are doing at the moment. Unionville looks a lovely place in which to spend some downtime:)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh lovely to see you back.
Goodness you are busy busy though.
Unionville looks wonderful.