Monday, 30 August 2010


I was looking at my blog and I can't quite believe that it has been seven weeks since I updated. I had intended to post before I started my placement extension, but in the rush to get ready, all thoughts of other things were put aside in a wave of anxiety about how things would evolve.

I started my clerkship with a second midwifery practice at the beginning of August. Four weeks have passed and it has been a stressful transition, but I am enjoying my practice far more than the first time around. The midwives have been very welcoming and supportive, which has made an enormous difference. On-call has been exhausting, especially last weekend, when I was up at births three nights running: this after 24 hours without sleep!

Last Thursday, I had a little down-time and I was able to visit historic Unionville and explore a little. The Main Street was settled in 1794, which is old for Canada. It is a pretty village-like setting with many interesting shops and grand old houses.

I am half-way through my placement now and I'm feeling far more confident about the outcome. I still have areas to work on, but I believe that I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.