Monday, 21 June 2010

Back Home

The end of last week saw my return to the city after 19 weeks of my midwifery clerkship. What started out as a 13 week placement was extended and I have returned home in the knowledge that I'm not finished yet: I have to do a further two months in another practice!

Although I am a country girl at heart, it is good to be home. There was a certain lack of permanence in being away from home for such an extended period of time and I missed many aspects of normal daily life.

There hasn't been time so far for taking my leisure though, as I struggle to find room for all of my possessions at home. Isn't it strange how when one person is away for an extended period of time, the other manages to occupy all available space in cupboards, drawers and bookshelves! Added to which, I have been trying to catch up on my 'spring cleaning' which has not been touched in the last five months.

Things are slowly taking shape and home looks a lot more organized than it did even yesterday. I hope to have some time to slow down, maybe visit our friends and sit on their swing again soon....these photos were taken on a brief visit at the end of May.


tea time and roses said...

Welcome home Marie!! There is indeed no place like home.:o) It has been a long stretch but you did it, congratulations!! I know you still have two months ahead of you, but oh my what a great accomplishment. I am so happy for you my friend. Continue to settled in and your summer.



Tracy said...

Welcome home, Marie! And so great so see you back here too--such GORGEOUS photos... these says SUMMER! Glad you're back in the comfort of home and getting things sorted out. Though hope the cleaning won't take too, too long so you can enjoy some summer while she's here! Wishing you all the best for what's next with your clerkship. Happy Days, my friend :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Rosie said...

It must feel wonderful yet slightly strange to be home; I guess it will take time to settle down. How great to be home after all your hard work!

winnibriggs said...

Hi Marie
Thank you for popping by my blog and welcome home! I am loving doing the PIF challenge. I think we sometimes take what we have for granted and it does us good to spread a little kindness to others even in this small way among our bloggy friends.
Your pictures look beautiful, I hope you get to relax there pretty soon.

VintagePretty said...

I'm glad you're back but I can imagine the upheaval you've gone through and are continuing to go through. It makes me want to tear my hair out half the time, especially seeing our (temporary) new, teeny-tiny abode. Good luck with your spring cleaning - I have just gotten rid of a huge bag of stuff - I really should've done that *before* moving but sometimes it takes something like this to give you the incentive.

Enjoy your time with your beloved and in your home :) And the summer weather - it's been stifling here!

Louise said...

You did it! So very well done Marie. I can only guess how tough it must have been to be away from home for such a long while. I know it's not over yet, but you are well on the road to reaching your goal. I hope you are not too far away from home in your next placement? Find time now to take things a bit easy, for a while at least. Maybe even get to swing on that swing! x

Heidi said...

What a pretty area you live in! Glad to hear you are back home once again. Just take your cleaning in bits and I am sure it will all be back in order before you know it. Enjoy your summer!

Hugs from Holland ~