Monday, 21 June 2010

Back Home

The end of last week saw my return to the city after 19 weeks of my midwifery clerkship. What started out as a 13 week placement was extended and I have returned home in the knowledge that I'm not finished yet: I have to do a further two months in another practice!

Although I am a country girl at heart, it is good to be home. There was a certain lack of permanence in being away from home for such an extended period of time and I missed many aspects of normal daily life.

There hasn't been time so far for taking my leisure though, as I struggle to find room for all of my possessions at home. Isn't it strange how when one person is away for an extended period of time, the other manages to occupy all available space in cupboards, drawers and bookshelves! Added to which, I have been trying to catch up on my 'spring cleaning' which has not been touched in the last five months.

Things are slowly taking shape and home looks a lot more organized than it did even yesterday. I hope to have some time to slow down, maybe visit our friends and sit on their swing again soon....these photos were taken on a brief visit at the end of May.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Armchair Traveller

It is interesting how at times I am drawn to a little escapism and start reading about the lives of those who have left the shores of their homeland and made their homes elsewhere. Recently, I have enjoyed Peter Mayles' books Toujours Provence and French Lessons before dipping into Frances Mayes' Under The Tuscan Sun.

Having enjoyed reading Under The Tuscan Sun for a second time, I then watched the film version, which is very loosely based on the book.

It seems that at times when life becomes stressful, a little armchair travelling can bring some much-needed relaxation or maybe it is just that I would rather be anywhere but here at the moment.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

By Lamplight

Last night I was called out to assess a baby with feeding difficulties. It was the first time that I had been called to an Amish farm after dark and it was a very different experience to going out during the day.

We drove up to the farm and as we approached we could see flickering lamps/candles in the windows. The rest of the place was in darkness, but thankfully, one of the family came out with a light to guide us safely to the door. (How I managed to forget a torch, I don't know!)

Once inside the farmhouse kitchen, we found the whole family gathered. The kerosene lamps cast a soft glow on the gathering and they were all there waiting to hear our opinion on their new baby. It is a large family of mostly girls, so there is no shortage of help when it comes to baby care.

There is something about the quiet simplicity of their lives which struck a chord. They seem so happy and contented living away from the crazy everyday existence that most of us seem to have these days. It was a very special experience to spend a short time in their midst; to see their smiles and listen to their expressed concern.

I have been to this farm on a number of occasions and on each of them, I see hard work and industry, but I also note the sense of joy in their shared activities and yesterday heard one of the daughters singing in the kitchen as she did the baking (I visited three times during the course of the day.)

I came away thinking about how different life can be if we choose to live in the moment, rather than being so busy with activity that we miss what is happening around us: the joy of simple pleasures and the importance of surrounding ourselves with those whom we love.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Just One Of Those Days,,,

I had an uneasy feeling all day yesterday, but I didn't know why. Until the late afternoon when I was suddenly faced with the prospect of not passing this placement. I can't go into details. I think that you will understand that some days you just can't wait for to be over. Yesterday was definitely one of them.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Out and About

I had intended to post about ten days ago and the title of that post was to have been 'Five Days In May', but after the days I had, there was no energy in reserve to sit down and write. I had a crazy week of birth after birth and every one of them had complications of one sort or another. It left me feeling totally drained and wondering why on earth I am putting myself through this.

I decided to share with you some of the more unusual road signs that I have seen whilst out and about on my visits. This being a rural area, there are some different ones out there, which I don't see in the city. On several roads, there are warnings of turtles crossing. I actually saw one in the middle of a busy road the other day, but was unable to stop and rescue it because of the traffic.

This being Amish country, there are also warnings of horses and buggies. They do travel into and out of town and I have seen them on the highway, but I don't envy them having to deal with fast-moving vehicles.

As for my news, there is still much uncertainty regarding the outcome of this placement and I have three weeks until I finish. I can't say any more about it at present, but thank you for your words of support and encouragment, which are really appreciated.