Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How Could I Forget?

I am now in the third week of my placement here in Lindsay and I had wanted to post a short update, but it was only when I went to sign into my blog that I realized that I could not remember the username/password associated with this account. The problem being that Blogger changed it from my usual email to a Google account that I created when I had my business, but I never actually used this account for email. Needless to say, my computer at home automatically logs me in, but when I tried to use another computer, I could not access Blogger! Anyway, I have now managed to recover the username/password and have written them down for future reference.

Life in Lindsay is very different, but I am really enjoying my time here. I have been to three births so far and was fortunate to be at the birth of an Amish woman who had a home birth. Driving around the countryside is very pleasant after the crowded streets of the city and I sometimes find myself lost because I have been so busy enjoying the scenery that I forget where I am going!

This morning is very snowy, but I am unable to post photographs without access to our camera/computer. I just wanted to thank all of my dear blogging friends for your messages of support, which I really appreciate. I will try to do another update when time permits and tell you more about Lindsay and the surrounding area.


Isobel said...

Hi Marie,
Glad to hear from you and know that things are going well. It must be amazing to see a new baby being born (but you not being at the painful feeling end, of course! LOL).
Hope you can post pictures of your new place.
Take care,

Vintage Amethyst said...

It sounds like things are going well for you, which is lovely to hear.
Lots of love

Tracy said...

Hi, Marie! So glad that all is going well so far this time you're having with your placement/study in Lindsay. It sounds a very pretty place, and must make a refreshing change in a way from daily city life. How wonderful to be witness to the births and helping new mums bring their sweet ones into the world. I admire the work you are doing and how you are handling all the challenges you've been facing in recent months--bravo, my friend! Keep us posted when you can. And hope all continues to go really well! Wishing you all the best...:o) ((BIG HUGS))

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marie!

Was thinking of you and so happy all is going well. Sounds like a lovely place and so happy you are enjoying all the beautiful surroundings. Take care my friend and hope to hear from you soon.



VintagePretty said...

It must be such a magical occasion, witnessing life coming forth. I'm guessing it's a tad different being on-call in Canada as opposed to England!

Congrats on your placement and I hope that it leads on to many wonderful things. At least it's not a permanent move yet, just a taster of the lovely things to come. Enjoy every moment and I hope you will keep us all updated :)

Best wishes