Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How Could I Forget?

I am now in the third week of my placement here in Lindsay and I had wanted to post a short update, but it was only when I went to sign into my blog that I realized that I could not remember the username/password associated with this account. The problem being that Blogger changed it from my usual email to a Google account that I created when I had my business, but I never actually used this account for email. Needless to say, my computer at home automatically logs me in, but when I tried to use another computer, I could not access Blogger! Anyway, I have now managed to recover the username/password and have written them down for future reference.

Life in Lindsay is very different, but I am really enjoying my time here. I have been to three births so far and was fortunate to be at the birth of an Amish woman who had a home birth. Driving around the countryside is very pleasant after the crowded streets of the city and I sometimes find myself lost because I have been so busy enjoying the scenery that I forget where I am going!

This morning is very snowy, but I am unable to post photographs without access to our camera/computer. I just wanted to thank all of my dear blogging friends for your messages of support, which I really appreciate. I will try to do another update when time permits and tell you more about Lindsay and the surrounding area.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

I May Be Gone Some Time...

The day has finally arrived when I am packing my boxes and bags and preparing to move to Lindsay for three months. After the stress of the exams during the past week, I am already exhausted and the thought of moving does not hold much appeal.

Anyway, it has to be done, so I've been busy all morning trying to decide what I might need during my three month midwifery placement. It is not that I am going to be so far away that I can't send for things from home, just that I will be on-call, so I'm unlikely to be back home much myself.

As I am not going to have regular internet access and won't be taking a computer, I suspect that I may not be blogging for quite a while. I may be gone some time....