Sunday, 24 January 2010

Winter Sky

I have just realized that I have only posted twice in the entire month of January. This is hardly surprising, as my life has become so busy recently that I don't know whether I am coming or going. For the past few months, I have felt like I am being pulled in two directions, with my work commitments and my studying. The news that I am to be fast-tracked has forced me to re-evaluate my priorities and in the process, I have upset a few people. I gave my notice at work about ten days ago and in less than a week from now, I will be walking out of there for the last time.

It is with a sense of excitement tinged with apprehension that I now face an uncertain future. I will be heading north-east of the city to Lindsay to start a three month clinical clerkship, which means that I will be working as a midwife under the supervision of a preceptor, but expected to take a leading role in the care of the practice's clients. I will be on-call day and night for the majority of the placement and I will be under constant scrutiny to see whether I live up to the expectations of the profession.

Last Friday, we went up to Lindsay to view some apartments, as I have to move to the area. The visit also gave me a chance to meet some of the midwives, including my preceptor. I did find a small apartment, which is far from perfect, but it is warm and in a quiet area, so I will just have to make the best of it. Anyway, I suspect that I won't be spending that much time at home in the coming months and when I am there, I will probably be too exhausted to even notice my surroundings!

These photos were taken on a previous visit as we were driving home at sunset. They are a bit blurred because they were taken out of the window of a moving vehicle, because there wasn't anywhere safe to pull off the road for a spot of photography! I like the look of the pristine white snow lying on the fields ~ even a week later, they still looked the same.


Heidi said...

Lots of things going on in your life. The road might be tough as you study and work but I am sure it will lead you to a place that will please you. You sound happily excited in your post. I hope you will find this time rewarding and bringing you to a career that makes you very content.

Hugs ~

Rosie said...

The new year has brought lots of changes in your life - it all sounds very positive - good luck with your move and all the hard work you are facing which I'm sure will be very rewarding for you as you follow your chosen career. Take care:)

P.K said...

Lovely photos. Sounds like exciting challenges ahead.
Wishing you all the best.

ginny said...

what an exciting new phase of your life, albeit challenging too. wishing you the best of luck with your placement marie... and think of all the wee babies you will be delivering.
warmest wishes
ginny x

Tracy said...

The light and feeling in these photos is dazzling, Marie! So much excitement in this post. And I hope in time the excitement does override the apprehenions.It sound like some tough months ahead. But with your strength of character, I know you will do well! :o) So very glad you've found a place to live in such short time. I will be eager to hear how everything goes and cheering you on! Be taking good care--don't forget yourself in the process ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs. Good luck on your new assignment! Changes are tough but also very exciting!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Marie,

Your winters skies are indeed beautiful. Sounds like challenging but exciting times ahead for you. I am wishing you nothing but the very best my friend.:o) Enjoy your new journey ahead.



louise said...

The photos are great, and I really like the blurred effect! x