Monday, 18 January 2010

It All Started With A Cup Of Tea

Ten days ago, I met my friend Enza for afternoon tea at The Old Mill Inn. We both agreed what a civilized way it was to spend a couple of hours on a cold and snowy day. At the time, although I knew that I was going to be busy in the coming weeks and we talked about my course; I had absolutely no idea as to how hectic my life was about to become.

I received a call last Tuesday informing me that I have successfully challenged the winter term of my course (interesting, as I never actually applied to challenge it!) and that I am to be fast-tracked in my bridging programme. What this means is that in just three weeks from now, I am going to be starting a clinical placement at a midwifery practice in rural Ontario. Between now and then, I have to find somewhere to live and move about an hour and a half's drive from the city...oh, and I forgot to mention the clinical exams I have to pass before I go out on placement.

So if you don't see or hear from me for a while, I do hope that you will understand.


Isobel said...

Looks like a very busy and exciting time for you Marie. Wish you all the best and lots of luck!

Tracy said...

Wonderful news, Marie! I am so thrilled for you with the turn of events, and know you will make the most of this great opportunity! I admire your gumption and all the fuss now needed to pick up and move and still continue your studies--you are a wonder. I hope everything goes well in the next weeks--that you find a nice, new place to live and that your exams you pass with flying colors. I'll be cheering for you! :o) Be taking good care, and be around when you can. LOVE the look of this Inn...very cozy place for tea and conversation. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Heidi said...

Congratulations Marie! I think the fact that you have done well when you did not feel like you applied yourself says that you have this all come to you naturally. It is your gift. Best of luck in the coming weeks with everything. I understand you are very busy and will miss you. If you do get a moment, stop by now and then to say a simple hello. And remember to just go for it!

Hugs ~

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh fantastic news Marie.
How very exciting for you. I am wishing you all the best with this & of course trying to find a new house too, I hope you find somewhere lovely.
*Good Luck*
P.S A little hint for the giveaway ~ 'Tick Tock'!!!!