Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Reading ~ Part Two

The second book in my Christmas reading this year is Christmas At Thrush Green. I always enjoy Miss Read stories and this new novel is no exception.

I think that there is something magical about escaping to a country village at Christmas and if I can't do so in reality, at least I can in the pages of this book. As Christmas approaches, we join the villagers in their preparations for the Nativity play. There is a real sense of tradition ~ in following in the footsteps of the generations in their Christmas celebrations.

I remember spending Christmas 2004 in a little village in North Yorkshire and attending a magical carol service at the village church, which may be familiar to some of you from the television series, Heartbeat. Yes, we went to St Mary's Church in Goathland, otherwise known as Aidensfield.

Walking from the church afterwards and looking up into the sky, which was clear and full of stars. Hearing the ground crunch under our feet and then driving across the Moors to the cottage where we stayed is a memory which will last a lifetime. And in many ways, this is what Christmas is about ~ renewing those traditional celebrations and adding another layer to existing memories.