Monday, 7 December 2009

It Isn't Quite Like Christmas In Connecticut

Last night I enjoyed one of my favourite Christmas movies, Christmas In Connecticut. This is such a delightful story starring Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane, a features writer for Smart Housekeeping Magazine. She writes about homemaking and lands herself in hot water after she bases her articles on her fictitious life on a farm in Connecticut.

We all aspire to the perfect Christmas and I know that I always hope to recreate some of the wonderful ideas that I read about in those glossy magazines.

Now picture the scene ~ we bought our Christmas tree on Friday and I strung the lights on Saturday evening after work. I hadn't got round to digging out the ornaments, so it was still awaiting decorating. I got up this morning and it was leaning ~ we adjusted the tree base, but later on, I came back from some errands to find that it was leaning again. Not to worry, I could adjust it again later when help was available.

I was sitting studying this afternoon when there was a sudden crash and all that was missing was the lumberjack shouting 'Timber!' Yes, the tree came crashing down amidst a flurry of needles and a large pool of water (I watered it this morning!) After trying two different tree bases, the tree has taken up a horizontal position on the living room floor until we can get a better base tomorrow.

I'm left wondering why my Christmas isn't like Christmas In Connecticut...

Christmas Amaryllis

The plan was to have a beautiful flowering red amaryllis for Christmas. I have bought bulbs as gifts before, but never actually planted one myself. I read the box and the instructions were to allow 6-10 weeks for flowering, so I planted it six weeks before Christmas.

Within days, it had already got to the stage of the first photograph and inside two weeks, it was pushing ever upward ~ so fast that I could almost watch it grow.

Now, with almost three weeks to go until Christmas, it has burst into flower. I'm hoping that it will still be flowering at Christmas.