Thursday, 13 August 2009

Locked Out

Well, yesterday afternoon didn't go quite as expected. I had planned on doing some laundry and then putting my feet up for an hour or so in the afternoon. In fact, I had discussed this plan with my dear friend Tracy of Pink Purl earlier in the day. I went downstairs at 2 p.m. to put some towels in the dryer and when I came back up, I couldn't get in!

No, I didn't lock myself out ~ the door locked itself! We live in an apartment and I reported a faulty lock to the landlords weeks ago. They sent someone to look at it, who told me that the problem was 'cosmetic' and just a loose face-plate and therefore, nothing to worry about.

If that person had been there yesterday afternoon, I would have given him a piece of my mind! I was stuck on one side of the door and my husband was stuck on the other. We tried opening the door with a credit card (no luck!) and he pushed a key under the door for me to try from the outside. He even managed to get the handle off the inside to see if he could turn the lock, but that didn't work either. In the end, we had to call a locksmith. I spent two hours in the hallway, which was an unpleasant way to spend a hot day (no air conditioning in the hall, unlike our nice, cool apartment!) and I was hoping that rescue would arrive before I needed to use the bathroom! Typically, all the neighbours were out.

Eventually, the locksmith arrived and I had to resist virtually dragging him up the stairs. Even he couldn't get the lock to open, so there ensued a lot of noise and mess as he drilled the lock out. As my husband pointed out once we were reunited, it certainly isn't as quiet as it is on the films! He pointed out to my husband that at least he was stuck on the comfortable side of the door.

The story doesn't end there though, because then we had to pay him and we didn't have cash at home. He didn't accept Visa, so I then had to head to the bank to get some money. What an afternoon!

He did put a new lock on the door and once we managed to sort out all the keys and dispose of the old ones, we felt ready to face the world again. The only problem now is working out how on earth I get this lock open....