Friday, 17 April 2009

Village Life

There is something about periods of stress in my life that leave me craving a time when the world seemed a less complicated place. I watch old films in black and white and dream of English village life, where everyone knew their neighbours and it was safe to leave the door unbolted.

I yearn for the simplicities of childhood when the year consisted of returning to school in September as the trees were starting to change colour and the conkers were ripening; the excited anticipation of Christmas and Easter and school holidays ~ lots of them!

Some years ago, I discovered Miss Read and her tales of Fairacre and its inhabitants. It has been a long time since I delved into these stories, partly because the books were given away long ago at a time when I had to drastically cull my possessions in preparation for an international move. I am now rediscovering them and have been reading Village School, which is the perfect escape from modern-day living.

I am immersed once again in village school life, although I was never fortunate enough to experience it in real life. I can enjoy snuggling down in bed and dipping into village life and fall asleep with happy thoughts of what it would be like to live in such a place.